Monday, October 22, 2012


What is sin? Who defines it?

We live in a world that is wishy-washy about sin. What was sin yesterday is no longer sin today. What is considered a sin today will be acceptable tomorrow.

I have always looked at sin as anything that displeases God. A non-Christian is not able to understand sin because they lack the conviction of the Holy Spirit. A Christian, on the other hand, fully knows when they are in sin.

So, in a world that changes its mind about right and wrong where do we go for a standard?

The legal system? No, that is based on how we feel. Years ago it was illegal to perform an abortion. Today, it is legal. Tomorrow it might be illegal again.

Do we rely on popular opinion? No, that, too, is based on how we feel. Years ago it was unacceptable to live with your boyfriend/girlfriend before being married. Today, it is fully acceptable. Tomorrow it might change again.

There is one standard that we can live up to that is not based on how we feel. It is not based on the popular opinion of the people. It has never changed. It is perfect and it is all good.

The Bible.

I live my life to the standard of the words God speaks. He doesn't change. His word does not change. There is no wishy-washy. There is no contradiction. There is no error. Every issue that presents itself today has a clear right and wrong answer. Not through how I feel about it today or what the laws of man say or through popular opinion. Only through unadulterated and perfect scripture.


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